Ventilation Ducts

Viniflex’s flex air ducts are used in underground ventilation systems for digging mines, tunnels, shafts, and in several construction works. Their function is to conduct clean air into and extract stale air out of the construction site safely and cost-effectively.

All models are manufactured with reinforced PVC vinyl fabric, with high-tenacity polyester yarn, ensuring tremendous high pressure capacity, which varies depending on design and use. The ducts are designed to fit each project, and could be 2 to 3 meters wide, in 5 to 50-meter-long sections, or according to the place of installation.

Viniflex offers special designs that feature in-duct air suction for negative pressure, which are spiral-wire reinforced to prevent closing.


Viniflex’s engineering department develops any connection required for different design points, and capable of providing solutions for every kind of pressure, positive or negative. Our air duct range features all sorts of bends, outlets, Y and T pieces, and other variations used as system transitions. We can design connecting pieces with any required angle.


Available couplings:

Advantages of Viniflex’s Ducts:

Shaft Closing

For this kind of activity, Viniflex offers special curtains to prevent air loss in inactive areas. Additionally, we can design several blocking solutions, including flexible containers or inflatable bags.

Maintenance and Repairs

Any repairs can be made. Small repairs can be carried out using a hot air gun or adhesive on the site. Major damages, as well as diameter or length changes are handled in our factory. The ducts can be easily cleaned with water and neutral detergent.