Water Bags

Viniflex’s Water Bag was designed for proof load testing of cranes, hoists, elevators, and others. Designed to replace steel beams and concrete slabs, it is more practical and can be easily put away – it can be folded and stored – and transported, even by light vehicles.

With its pear-like round shape, it is made of synthetic canvas using a high-resistance polyester yarn coupled with PVC on both faces. It features a set of polyester straps with laces on all ends. It is filled with water through a coupled flange, and emptied through a tube also made of synthetic canvas.

Capacities and measurements filled up:

5t bag: Ø 2200 x 2745 mm tall

10t bag: Ø 2600 x 3700 mm tall

35t bag: Ø 4000 x 5000 mm tall