planeta-sustentavel-viniflexHow does Viniflex contribute to a sustainable planet?

Founded in January 1998, Viniflex started out by providing canvas repair services and silk-screen paint for several segments, such as tarps, siders, and special banners. However, since its inception, environmental conservation has been paramount to the company.

Viniflex stands out for its expertise and innovation capacity, meeting the needs of an increasingly dynamic, demanding market. Focused on searching for sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions, the company’s growth is based on the professional and personal development of its employees, as well as keeping clients and suppliers satisfied.

Making direct sustainability a priority, like every other large corporation, Viniflex expanded its range of services and began to produce the raw materials for its core products, furthering its environmental concern and responsibility.

Today, the company designs and engineers projects whose actions can improve or mitigate harmful effects to the environment. By outsourcing its waste disposal, Viniflex makes sure its waste is properly and responsibly disposed of, in accordance with technical standards approved by the environmental agencies of cities and states it operates in.

And there’s more! Its words become actions within its premises, by not using products that are harmful to the environment and, if possible, recycling and reusing products in new projects.

At Viniflex, awareness and actions are taken very seriously and relayed to every employee through environmental lectures and seminars, given from time to time by industry experts.

The company’s main concern is not the services it provides, but how they are carried out.