Warehouse Structures:

Our warehouse structures allow quick, efficient, rational storage and stockpiling projects, as well as temporary and permanent production lines.

Our warehouses are built with cold-bent, hardened steel structures, finished in epoxy paint, synthetic enamel paint, or hot-dip/cold galvanized paint.

The covers are made of self-extinguishing, anti-UV, and anti-fungus high-resistance vinyl canvas reinforced with high-tenacity polyester fabric between the vinyl layers.

Every design is made in accordance with the Brazilian Technical Standards and can stand 120 KPH (kilometers per hour) winds when built on bases and foundations.

The warehouse format consists of a gable roof and standard 5-meter space between columns, which can be customized to suit the client’s needs.

It can be accessed through standard 4x4m doors, large enough to admit anything; different sizes can be made to suit the client’s needs.

The top of the warehouse has clear canvas to ensure good lighting.

Openings on the upper part of the warehouse side ensure good ventilation. In many cases, canvas windows and wind fans are installed as well.

What sets us apart: